Tired of contacting all companies for your move?

Change your address in one place and let the organisation know about it.
The first company in the world that will help you to update your details with any company.

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Keep receving stuff that belongs to previous tenant?

To stop that for good, register our site & report it.
Hopefully someone is doing the same for you.

Ever worrying if you have misdirected mail from previous address?

Register with us! Type your old address & find out. It’s that simple! Karma!

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We notify organisations for you when you move to a new address. We save you hours of phone calls and emails with a simple click.


When its time to move, all you need to do is update your details with us. All your chosen organisations will be notified.

Easy management

Choose who you want share your address and details with. You have total control.

Privacy and Security service is in full compliance with Privacy Act 1993. We use 128-bit encryption to keep your information secure.

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Some organisations we can update

We can help you update your address with organisations even it's not on the list.


How does it work?

We partner with hundreds of organisations across New Zealand, so whenever you update your address with us, we automatically send out notifications to the organisations you've linked up to using our service.

Is it secure?

We at take security very seriously. All information is secured using 128-bit encryption.

Does sell my personal information?

No. We do not sell your personal information. We only provide the information to organisations you choose to notify through our service.

Which organisations can view my personal data?

Only the organisations that linked to your account can view your personal details. You can enable/disable access to organisations linked to your account at any time.

I cannot see the organisation that I want to notify about my new address. What do I do?

If you cannot find the organisation in the organisation directory, you can add a new entry. We will approach the organisation on your behalf to have your address updated in their system.

If I unauthorise an organisation on does that mean they no longer have my contact details?

By unauthorising a previously authorised organisation, you are preventing any future access to your contact information by the organisation. The organisation may however, choose to contact you on the last known details you provided them.